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The Best Covid Safe Holiday

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A motorhome holiday is a fantastic way to explore on your own terms, enabling you to really see all that this stunning country has to offer whilst keeping your distance from the madding crowds!

Ireland is a truly wonderful place to take a holiday, with miles and miles of quiet open roads and over 80 Blue Flag beaches that get nowhere near as busy as beaches in the UK and the rest of Europe.

By renting a camper for a holiday, you can keep in your own bubble, as they have all the mod cons you'll need to really enjoy a relaxing break.

It may be that you've never even considered a motorhome holiday, or maybe it's been years since you tried to put up a tent in the rain, but either way, you'd be surprised at just how comfortable, fun and relaxing a camper van holiday can be.

You can literally load up with food and clothing, games and gadgets and that's it, you have everything you need for a completely self contained vacation!

Great Escape Camper Hire Roller Team 747 Garage

Great Escape Camper Hire rent luxury campers at low prices, and they really are just like small apartments on wheels. Kitted out with modern upholstery, gas hob, fridge freezer, oven, grill, TV, Netflix, shower and bathroom, you can keep your break self contained, whilst still enjoying all of the stunning scenery that Ireland has to offer.

Our spacious end lounges feature plenty of space to chill, chat, play games or just watch Netflix, with the wonders of the Irish landscape on your doorstep.

There are plenty of campsites all over the country, many with amazing views and some are right next to the sea or lakes. We have a constantly updated campsite guide here.

There is nothing quite like getting cosy and sleeping within earshot of the waves.

For a safe holiday that you'll never forget can check the latest rental rates here.


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