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Quick Guide to Hiring A Motorhome in Ireland

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Renting a camper van in Ireland is very straightforward. Generally you'll need to be between 21 and 70 years old and have a full driving licence. You can hire a motorhome at Great Escape Camper Hire here.

Whether you're thinking of renting a camper for either a fun weekend or a longer tour of Ireland it's not a complicated process.

First off you'll need to contact us with your proposed rental dates. Assuming they are available, you'll pay a 25% deposit to secure the dates for your camper van.

Closer to the booking dates you'll need to pay the remaining rental fee, and when you pick up the motorhome, you'll also need to pay a security deposit, which usually takes the form of a pre authorisation on a credit or debit card.

Interior of a motorhome

If you are hiring a camper van from Great Escape Camper Hire, you can pick up your vehicle from our depot in Swinford, County Mayo, or we can arrange for pickup and drop-off at Irish airports including Knock, Shannon, Cork, Dublin and Belfast as well as many other spots around Ireland. Please bear in mind that there may be additional fees for these pickups and drop-offs.

Motorhome rental from great Escape Camper Hire
There's nothing quite like hitting the open road in a motorhome

When you pickup the motorhome for the first days rental you'll need to show us your driving license, a recent proof of address. Then we'll show you how everything works, give you your keys and advise you on the best places you might want to stay and visit.

We have decades of knowledge of camping all over Ireland (and parts of Europe) so we can often give you a few tips and advice on the best campsites etc.

Then you're free to head off in your own home from home and enjoy your great escape!

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